I am a marketer, a consumer behaviourist, a philosopher; a mentor and coach – a radical optimist.

I love people, I study people and my life’s purpose is to empower others.

I also love to travel and have been fortunate to travel for both work and pleasure. Some of my favourite trips have been to these places:

My favourite place in the world is Italy. Follow my Travel in Tuscany blog https://tuscan.travel.blog/

I am also the patron and number one fan of All the King’s Men. I was introduced to the group while I was the Marketing Director at King’s College London and saw the immediate brand benefit of these talented, diverse, intelligent, hard working, fun young men. I arranged sponsorship for their first Edinburgh Fringe Festival and then helped them conquer the world. We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary with all the generations of the group.

All the King’s Men Documentary – their first USA tour 2011

One of my favourite clients – artist Archie Tait